Our Story

Our vision is to create a path to great health and healthcare for everyone, everywhere. We provide an employer-based technology solution that connects members and their families to high-quality care. With Grand Rounds, employers get a personalized, high-performance network at scale, while their employees get the tools and support needed to navigate their care on their own terms.

Drawing from their own healthcare journeys, our co-founders Owen Tripp and Dr. Lawrence “Rusty” Hofmann, started Grand Rounds in 2011 to make quality care more accessible—where everyone has a “doctor in the family.” We continue to deliver on this promise at scale—we’ve grown to more than 400 employees across 4 offices, and serve more than 120 employer customers and 4.2 million members.

What We Believe.

Patients are the center of our universe. Doctors are our change agents.

We build the patient experience we want for ourselves and model it for others. And we speak human.

We use data. With it, we can challenge status quo.

Technology and design allow us to go faster, get deeper. It is the muscle of our business.

Our business model is not brain surgery.

Access is a right, not a privilege.

Patient outcomes define success. And only outcomes.

Our team is committed to bringing the best in American medicine to everyone, and helping to navigate healthcare needs big and small.

Grand Rounds,
Grand Tradition.

In the late 19th century, grand rounds were introduced as a new approach to medical education. Grand Rounds, our company’s name, draws from this venerable tradition—through the connections we make to best-in-class physicians, we strive to spread knowledge on the latest in diagnosis and treatment, advance clinical practice, and improve outcomes.

Interested in making a positive impact on people’s lives? We’d love for you to join us!

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