About Us

The Grand Rounds vision is a path to optimal health and healthcare, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Founded in 2011, Grand Rounds provides an employer-based solution that gives employees and their families the technology, information and support they need to make life’s most critical choices—whether and where to receive medical treatment. The fastest way for employers to curb healthcare costs without cutting corners, Grand Rounds delivers enhanced patient outcomes and engagement to groups ranging from 1,000-member firms to Fortune 50 employers. With coverage in more than 120 countries, the world’s leading companies are putting Grand Rounds to work in offering their employees an all-access pass to the best in American medicine.

What We Believe

  • Patients are the center of our universe. Doctors are our change agents.
  • We build the patient experience we want for ourselves and model it for others. And we speak human.
  • We use data. With it, we can challenge status quo.
  • Technology and design allow us to go faster, get deeper. It is the muscle of our business.
  • Our business model is not brain surgery.
  • Access is a right, not a privilege.
  • Patient outcomes define success. And only outcomes.

Interested in joining our mission? Check our careers page for a list of current openings.