Grand Rounds is the fastest way for employers to trim their $700B annual healthcare spend while improving quality. Founded in 2011, Grand Rounds orchestrates the analytics, expertise, and technology needed to deliver positive outcomes and cost savings through its Outcomes Management platform. In addition, employers are able to power their network strategy with Grand Rounds proprietary Quality Algorithm that scores physician quality on metrics that are predictive of future outcomes. By delivering better outcomes to patients around the world and cost-savings to groups ranging from 1,000 employees to Fortune 50 employers, Grand Rounds is uniquely positioned to enhance medical care for millions of covered lives.

Grand Rounds is for:

Individuals and families confronting serious health issues.

Grand Rounds boosts the speed with which they receive accurate clinical diagnoses–from weeks to only days–and provides measurably better outcomes.

Benefits, HR, and Finance Executives.

Grand Rounds dramatically reduces companies’ healthcare expenses and gets employees back to work sooner by providing accurate clinical diagnoses and proper options for treatments from the start.

Preeminent physicians.

Grand Rounds connects physicians to the patients who need them most—and whose cases directly align with their experience and training—while providing an ancillary revenue stream.

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Backed by Greylock Partners, Venrock and Harrison Metal, Grand Rounds has over 1,000,000 covered lives that benefit from our end-to-end care support and priority access to world-class medice.

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