Global Reach

Grand Rounds has helped patients on 6 continents and supports cases in over 150 countries.

Support all of your employees and their extended families –
wherever they are in the world.

Your business isn’t just in the United States; it’s all over the world. You need your benefits partners to follow you wherever you go, supporting your employees and their extended families.

Grand Rounds delivers its health benefits worldwide. For your overseas employees and family members who need cases reviewed by a world-leading expert, we can help. When they need to find a local physician in their area, we can find the top doctors they need. We have run cases in 6 continents and support over 200 languages worldwide.



Your Talent Needs It

We can ensure that when a serious medical issue emerges, your employees’ entire family gets the benefit of Grand Rounds–wherever they are.


Your Company’s Premium Benefits Need To Travel Everywhere

You never want to say “just for the U.S. folks, not for the rest.” With Grand Rounds, your employees and their families all have access to leading physicians and Grand Rounds end-to-end care support.



“Many times patients run out of options and it seems like there is no answer to an illness. Grand Rounds opens the door for new possibilities—which is especially wonderful for those living in areas without this type of access.”

– Sandra, Colombia

Patient Success Stories