Grand Rounds STAT

STAT enables immediate, real-time “In-patient” physician-to-physician consultations for patients facing life-threatening/ complex conditions while in the hospital. Imagine one of your employees is in the hospital and about to undergo a medical procedure. Their family and loved ones might want the peace-of-mind of having the treating physician speak to another medical expert – the kind of leader “other doctors turn to” for advice and guidance. Grand Rounds STAT delivers expert advice and guidance at the most critical juncture in the employee’s healthcare cycle.

Grand Rounds STAT – How it Works

  • Employee or family starts a case

    This would happen while the employee is in the hospital, usually being prepared for a medical procedure.

  • Physician matching

    We match the employee’s case with a physician who specializes in that particular condition.

  • Consultation occurs

    The Grand Rounds physician and the treating physician consult on the employee’s case, providing truly best-in-class care for the patient and helping ensure a better outcome.

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A Patient Speaks Out

I’d recommend to anyone facing a serious condition that they use Grand Rounds services and ensure they’re getting the right treatment from the right specialist. I can’t stress enough how important it is to do that. Nothing’s more important than your health. In my case, Grand Rounds made all the difference in my personal outcome.”