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Provide members with expanded access to clinicians and specialists virtually, as well as strategic support for employers, during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


Impacts of COVID-19 Last Longer than the Virus

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and continuously changing clinical guidelines and workplace policies, members are experiencing widespread confusion about how to get urgent care. Members are in need of real-time clinical expertise, in combination with trusted guidance, to help them take the necessary actions to keep their families safe.

But, COVID-19 will also create ongoing issues that need to be addressed. Access to non-emergent care, which has been significantly reduced, will put many patients at further risk, if they have to defer treatment, cannot get access to appropriate primary and specialty care, or lapse medication refills.

Additionally, employers are under enormous financial pressure to reopen their businesses. However, the path to reopening safely is uncertain, as rates of COVID-19 testing are still far too low.

Telemedicine as an Extension of Healthcare Navigation

Grand Rounds Telemedicine+ is a new kind of telemedicine service uniquely positioned to assist both your members and your HR team, during and beyond the COVID-19 outbreak.

In combination with Healthcare Navigation, Telemedicine+ provides:

  24/7 telemedicine for urgent needs, including COVID-19

Connect with Grand Rounds clinicians within 30 minutes. Provide video and phone visits with clinicians who can diagnose, prescribe, and order tests.

High-quality specialist access to close gaps in specialty care

Receive personalized treatment from a specialist via a Grand Rounds clinician-to-specialist consult. We provide access to dozens of high demand specialties.

High-touch advocacy support that removes barriers to action

Confirm insurance coverage and plan details. Direct members to clinically-relevant benefits, such as EAP. Provide the latest CDC and company-specific health guidelines, including where to find available testing.

Strategic partnership and support from our clinical leaders

Gain peer-to-peer consults with our senior population health and epidemiology experts. Inform your company’s health policies, including insight and data to facilitate an effective reopening strategy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Discuss clinical escalations, such as responding to an accelerating rate of employee infections at specific sites.

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