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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a second opinion?

Doctors suggest getting a second opinion before almost all non-emergency surgeries and long-term treatment plans. Receiving a second opinion has the potential to benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Improve your treatment plan - avoid unnecessary surgeries or ineffective treatment plans.
  • Give you confidence in your current plan - Even if you just want to confirm your current course of treatment, a second opinion can help give you confidence that you are getting the most appropriate treatment.
  • Provide you with better insight for conversations with your local treating physician(s). Physicians understand that this is standard practice and are generally comfortable with their patients seeking a second opinion. Your second opinion can be shared with any local physicians by inviting them to join your care team.

How do I get a second opinion from eConsult?

Getting a second opinion from HSS eConsult is a simple and quick process Just click "Start a Case" to the right and create your account by answering a few questions regarding the issue you want help with, then our partner Grand Rounds will handle everything else. Grand Rounds will collect all your relevant medical records and imaging, as well as provide additional phone and email support to you throughout your experience. HSS will then provide the leading expert that matches your specific medical issue, and the expert will write a detailed response to all of your questions. Finally, Grand Rounds will deliver the HSS expert opinion to you online. The whole process takes 10-14 days.

What is the fee for this service?

The all-inclusive fee for an eConsult second opinion is $1,000. This price includes your expert's fee, services including collecting and digitizing all of your relevant medical records and images, support throughout your case, and an online platform for you to easily access your opinion.

Is eConsult available in any state in the U.S.? What if I live outside of the U.S.?

At this time, eConsult is not available to residents of the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio , Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia.We hope to offer eConsult to residents of all 50 states in the near future.You can obtain a second opinion from HSS specialists from any country in the world. Translation services (for both the written report and for telephone conversations) are also available for an additional fee.

Who provides my second opinion?

All second opinions are provided by an expert specialized in your particular medical condition from Hospital for Special Surgery. HSS is consistently ranked as the #1 orthopedic hospital in the nation by U.S.News & World Report. You will be matched with the most appropriate expert given your particular medical condition.

Who provides support throughout the process, and who can I call with issues?

HSS has partnered with Grand Rounds, a leading provider of digital second opinions, to deliver your remote second opinion. This partnership allows your HSS specialist to focus on the clinical aspects of your case. Your expert medical opinion will come directly from an HSS expert. The Grand Rounds team, in support of our expert, will provide services to guide you through the process (including assigning a medical record collector, a care team, and a staff physician to help walk you through questions and concerns).Once you click "Start a Case," Grand Rounds will begin assisting you in your second opinion journey and you will receive communications directly from Grand Rounds, but your opinion will come from an HSS expert.

Do I need to get another test to get a second opinion?

You usually do not need to get any additional medical tests or treatments. However, there are some instances in which the HSS specialist will request new X-rays or MRI scans to make an accurate assessment of your case.

Does an HSS doctor examine me?

No. A physical examination is not part of the eConsult second opinion. The HSS specialist will carefully assess all submitted materials including your physician's documentation of your previous exam and will note in the final opinion if an in-person visit is necessary to confirm or finalize your diagnosis. If you do decide to come to HSS to receive treatment, you will receive a thorough physical examination.

Can I pay for an eConsult second opinion with my health insurance?

You must pay upfront for your eConsult second opinion. While insurance carriers typically do not reimburse for second opinions, some of the cost may be covered. Please reach out to your insurance carrier to find out if you have this benefit. You may also be able to submit your second opinion as a reimbursable expense under your Flexible Savings Account.

How will I receive my second opinion?

Our partner Grand Rounds will obtain a digital copy of your medical records and provide the records to an HSS specialist, who will write the second opinion report. The report will address your specific questions. In the meantime, you will receive regular email updates on the status of your case so you know exactly where in the process the case is.

How long will it take to receive my eConsult opinion?

Once you have signed up for eConsult, it will take approximately 10-14 days to receive your second opinion.

What if I have additional questions after I receive my eConsult opinion?

A representative from our partner - Grand Rounds - will call you 24 hours after you receive your second opinion to discuss the opinion and to help answer any questions you may have, either directly or by following up with your HSS physician.If you would prefer to speak directly with the HSS expert, please call or email our Ambassador Services department for assistance at 212.606.1610 or If you do choose to seek treatment at HSS, many of the surgeons on our medical staff accept insurance, so we encourage you to call Ambassador Services, the International Center, or your HSS physician's office to learn more. You can find more information on all HSS physicians including insurance participation.

If I decide to come to HSS for treatment, can I see the same doctor who provided my eConsult opinion?

Yes. You can call or email our Ambassador Services department for assistance at 212.606.1610 or If you do choose to seek treatment at HSS, many of the surgeons on our medical staff accept insurance, so we encourage you to call Ambassador Services, the International Center, or your HSS physician's office to learn more. You can find more information on all HSS physicians including insurance participation.

Is my data secure?

Yes, we meet or exceed all federal requirements for protecting personal health information (PHI) of patients under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We do this using technology and smart business practices. The technology we employ encrypts and stores all PHI securely while still allowing the physician to access critical information easily and quickly. Our business practice is to collect only the information we need at the time we need it. For example, we do not collect or store PHI until after a patient submits payment and the request has been processed, and we always carefully segregate PHI from general user information and data.We exceed security and privacy settings set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a Health Information Exchange. All communication is transmitted over a secure 128-bit encrypted SSL channel (higher level of encryption than almost all commercial banks). We incorporate a strict security policy into every aspect of our product; for example, we never communicate about sensitive information via email, but only via our secure message center.All our data is backed up regularly to a separate offsite location used by other HIPAA-covered entities and is stored in an encrypted format. Physical access to the data is restricted and logged; Individuals outside your care team do not have access to your data. In addition, all sensitive information is encrypted with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) operation, each patient is assigned a random user ID to prevent identification, and our data structure separates PHI from user IDs.