As software engineers at Grand Rounds, we build a product that changes—and sometimes even saves—lives. Making software that impacts lives requires great engineers, meaningful collaboration and a supportive environment. None of this is a secret but, in my experience, most technology companies fail at building this foundation because they can’t provide one or all of those three prerequisites.

With that in mind, Grand Rounds built its Engineering team around these guiding principles. Find yourself nodding along? We’d love to hear from you.

Work and win together.

At Grand Rounds, our business team and developers work together, all the time, to get the job done. Our engineering group is composed of small, self-organizing teams that avoid combinatorial explosion. We encourage development, and design processes to guide us from planning to deployment. Making and measuring progress are key—we smartly limit project scope, so we can demo progress every week and get things done.

Invest. Avoid firefighting.

We run on Rails and write Ruby. We practice TDD with over 10,000 specs running with each commit, for a safety net that allows us to be bold. We fight and make up over code reviews. We emphasize full-stack development, Cloud deployment, and managed services. Specialties are valued, but over-indexing is not. We spread expertise across projects, prizing broad expertise over narrow technical focus—for fewer firefights, more uptime and impact.

Hire great engineers.

We set the bar high, and we’ve kept it there. With scale comes the temptation to hire contributors who can pull tickets and commit passable code. But we’re looking for more than that, and we continue to set our sights accordingly. We want engineers who are driven to automate and who believe that a smaller group of highly effective, highly focused individuals can easily accomplish more than a group twice its size.