Frequently Asked Patient Questions

When should I use Grand Rounds?

If you can say yes to any of the following questions, then you should connect with us.
• Need to see a doctor in person? We’ll help you find an expert physician in your area.
• Do you want a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan? We can get you a remote expert opinion from a world-class physician.
• Are you or a loved one already in the hospital or facing a critical health decision that needs immediate attention? Connect with Grand Rounds for a phone consultation right away.

How much does it cost?

Most patients receive access to Grand Rounds as a free benefit provided by their employer or through the employer of a family member. Grand Rounds is also available on a per case basis for individuals not currently covered by their employer.

Will I have to deal with my medical records?

Grand Rounds handles collection and digitization of medical records on your behalf. What’s more, we’ll keep your digitized records secure and available for your future access. This is a powerful advantage – most people don’t have their medical records handy when they need them most.

How does Grand Rounds select a physician for me?

The physicians we work with for second opinions are experts in their respective fields and include department chairs of leading medical institutions. For Office Visits, we look at physician quality and your care preferences, including the travel distance, whether or not the physician accepts your insurance, and how soon they have an appointment available.

How do I start a case with Grand Rounds?

You can log-in to the online patient dashboard or call the 800 telephone number and connect to a Care Coordinator to get started. To enroll, you need to provide a few basic details about yourself. Once you have created an account, you can start a case any time. Cases can be initiated through the online Patient Dashboard, via the Grand Rounds mobile application or by phone.

What will my treating physician think about Grand Rounds reviewing his/her diagnosis?

Getting another doctor to look at your case is a reasonable and responsible thing to do. Generally, we find that treating doctors are enthusiastic about receiving guidance from the top physicians in their fields.
Additionally, Grand Rounds helps bridge communication between you and your treating physician in a number of ways, provided that you have given us permission to do so. Grand Rounds will send a summary explanation of our services and, upon request, provide updates to your treating physician on the progress of the case. Additionally, within the online Patient Dashboard, you can invite your treating physician to participate on your Care Team. Doing so will enable your treating physician to review your patient records, participate in discussions that occur in the message center, and view the second opinion online.

I’m located outside of the U.S., can Grand Rounds help me?

Yes. Grand Rounds is currently available in over 150 countries and we have run cases for patients on 6 different continents. The process for collecting medical records is the only step that is different for patients outside of the U.S.

What medical conditions does Grand Rounds cover?

Grand Rounds covers most medical conditions – from very complex and serious issues, to primary care and pediatrics. Cases commonly seen by Grand Rounds include: orthopedics, oncology, cardiology, neurology, pediatric subspecialties, rheumatology, and pain management.

Is this service compliant with government privacy and information security regulations like HIPAA?

Yes, we meet or exceed all federal requirements for protecting personal health information (PHI) of patients under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We do this using technology and smart business practices. The technology we employ encrypts and stores all PHI securely while still allowing for the physician to access critical information easily and quickly. Our business practice is to only collect the information we need at the time we need it.

Is my data secure?

We exceed security and privacy settings set by the HHS for a Health Information Exchange. All communication is transmitted over a secure128-bit encrypted SSL channel (higher level of encryption than almost all commercial banks). We incorporate a strict security policy into every aspect of our product; for example, we never communicate with patients about their cases via email, but only via our secure message center. Our data is kept offsite at a secure, undisclosed data facility regularly used by HIPAA covered entities. Physical access is restricted and logged; facility staff does not have access to our data. In addition, all sensitive information is encrypted with 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) operation, each patient is assigned a random user ID to prevent identification, and our data structure separates PHI from user IDs. All our data is backed up regularly to a separate offsite location used by HIPAA covered entities, including Johns Hopkins, USC and Duke, and is stored in an encrypted format.