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Put the world’s top 0.1% of specialists on your personal healthcare team with Grand Rounds Opinions. The members of the Grand Rounds Expert Panel include the chairs of prestigious research hospitals and are handpicked on the basis of stringent standards, including training, research, procedure volumes and patient outcomes. These doctors cover all specialties and sub-specialties and are expert in over 1000 medical conditions. Receiving an opinion from one of these doctors can have a dramatic impact on your diagnosis and course of treatment.

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66% of the time

when a Grand Rounds Expert Panelist reviews a case and provides a remote opinion, they modify the diagnosis and/or treatment. The result? A dramatic improvement in the quality of patients’ lives – including 2x faster return to work on average and frequent cancellations of unnecessary surgeries.

When to Consult a World-Leading Expert

Our Expert Panel is made up of leaders at top medical institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Duke, The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins. We carefully select our Expert Panel based on criteria such as institution affiliation, training, published research, and overall reputation among their peers. The doctors are trained on the Grand Rounds process in advance of consenting to consult on cases, so they are able to provide quick answers that you can trust.

You may want to get a Grand Rounds Opinion:

  • icon-nonemergencysurgeryBefore non-emergency surgery
  • icon-medicaldiagnosisTo confirm a life-changing medical diagnosis
  • icon-majorsurgeryBefore major operations
  • icon-treatmentTo confirm a current course of treatment

Grand Rounds Global Reach

Grand Rounds offers Expert Opinions all over the world. So long as we can collect your medical records, we can run a case on your behalf. With our Virtual Clinic, you can open a case, message your Care Team, and gain access to your medical records from anywhere, anytime via mobile application, computer, tablet or phone. We have performed cases on 6 continents and cover over 40 languages.

Your Physician Wants the Best for You Too

Medicine isn’t black-and-white, and different cases require different perspectives. That’s why the best physicians out there actively encourage their patients to get another opinion when they receive a potentially life-altering diagnosis.

Think of it this way. You look to experts for their opinions on the best TV, smartphone or backyard grill. Why wouldn’t you do the same when your quality of life is on the line, especially when it could save your life?