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If you or a family member need to see a high quality specialist or find a new primary care physician, that’s when you should connect with Grand Rounds Visits. We match you with a top physician specializing in your condition that practices near you. Moreover, we collect and forward your medical records and handle all the appointment logistics on your behalf. But we don’t leave it at that: we actively monitor the care you receive and follow up on every visit to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

Top Physicians That are Available and In-Network

Grand Rounds only works with the highest-quality providers. For Office Visits, this means providing you with access to the top quality doctors that are within travel distance, accept your insurance, are available to see you in-person and have clinical expertise in your specific health issue. Our proprietary Quality Algorithm ranks physician quality on metrics that are predictive of future outcomes, including:

  • Institution (is the physician associated with a top-quality one?)
  • Training (where did the physician study?)
  • Research (does the physician publish in his or her area of study?)
  • Reputation (what do the physician’s peers think?)

How Grand Rounds Visits Works

Schedule an appointment with a local leading specialist or primary care physician. Here’s how:

  • 1) MATCH
    We identify the top two leading physicians for your condition, in your area, who accept your insurance.
    We book your office visit with the physician of your choice so you can get seen as quickly as possible.
  • 3) PREP
    We collect your medical records, imaging and lab tests and securely share them with your selected physician.
  • 4) FOLLOW UP
    We’ll touch base with you after the appointment to ensure that your visit was world class.

Save Time When It Matters

We can guide you to the top available specialist or primary care physician, based on your medical needs—no guessing, no paging through provider directories or searching the internet. We make the experience easy and pleasant by making recommendations within 24 hours, handling all appointment logistics and following up on your experience and quality of care.

Grand Rounds Global Reach

Grand Rounds offers Visits all over the world. With our Virtual Clinic, you can open a case, message your Care Team and gain access to your medical records from anywhere, anytime via mobile application, computer, tablet or phone. We have performed cases on 6 continents and cover over 40 languages.