Would you throw a party if you knew no one would come?

By Liz Gerstung
November 13, 2014

Would you throw a party if you knew you needed to invite 250 people just to get one to attend?  Would you offer a benefit to your employees if you knew only one out of every 250 would actually use it?  Believe it or not, that’s what companies do every time they offer (and pay for) a program like those offered by legacy second opinion services.

At a recent conference I spoke with a senior executive from a long-time flagship client of a legacy second opinion program.  The executive revealed that they had completed 140 second opinions over the course of the previous year.  The client was pleased with this number, and went on to discuss the benefits of a remote second opinion, how the patients felt about the service, and so on.  Listening to him talk about the program made it sound like a great success. Dig a bit deeper though, and another number emerges: 40,000.  That’s the total number of people who had access to their second opinion program.  It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that those 140 cases equate to a utilization rate of less than 0.4%.  Not even 1 in 250.

At Grand Rounds we don’t think that’s good enough, so we don’t just hang posters and distribute refrigerator magnets before calling it a day.  We work hard to drive meaningful utilization, using data-driven approaches to identify individuals who could benefit from our services and modern communications tactics to reach them.

Grand Rounds clients consistently see utilization rates ranging from 1.5% to 3.0% across their populations – and often higher than 20% among their complex, high-cost cases.  Those are numbers that we are proud of, and numbers that drive meaningful ROI for our clients.

If you are interested in giving your employees access to top-quality physicians but don’t want to pay for a program that almost none of them will use, come talk to us.  If you’re unhappy with the utilization your legacy second opinion vendor is producing for you, come talk to us.  We will help more of your employees and their family members achieve better health care outcomes than vendors who are satisfied with 0.4%.


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Liz Gerstung

Liz Gerstung

Liz and her team are responsible for Grand Rounds’ thought leadership, influencer relations and brand. Prior to Grand Rounds, Liz was VP of Marketing at Evolent Health, a leading force in value-based care. Liz has held executive roles in organizations at all stages of growth including Medtronic, Hansen Medical, and WCG, a healthcare marketing consultancy. Liz holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Montana and an MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business.